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AIDA Interior Decorator Consultant

1- How long have you been designing?

As Jill Lifsey’s personal assistant, I help with certain jobs but mostly focus my attention on Jill’s project schedule and social media. I have 2 years of media marketing experience and am currently in school to polish my skills further.

2- How long have you been working with Jill Lifsey Designs?

I started out as an intern with Jill Lifsey Designs in June of 2018 and joined the team shortly after.

3- What is your favorite design trend? Least? Why?

At the core, my favorite design trend is modern interiors. Lately, I have been loving the look of modern neoclassical interiors specifically. I find that mix of classic European architecture with the sleekness of modern furniture really beautiful. As for my least favorite design trend, it would have to be subway tiles due its overuse.

AIDA Interior Decorator Consultant

4- What is a common"design rule" that you think SHOULD be broken?

A common “design rule” that I think should be broken is keeping color as an accent and not using it throughout. I think color on color works really well when done right. It’s always fun for me to grab from that kid-like mindset and to challenge my ability in making a space inviting rather intimidating and overwhelming.

5- Where do you find your inspiration?

I actually draw a lot of inspiration from the trends of fashion and clothing. I think the impact of these trends can really be applied anywhere. As we see now, animal prints are showing a heightened popularity in clothing and its interesting to see that cross over to furniture with the new animal hide collections that are starting to pop up.

6- What do you find the most challenging when designing a home or space? Rewarding?

As a newbie, the thing I find the most challenging when designing is truly the selection process. A million possibilities come to mind when looking at a space and with that comes the millions of beautiful pieces to match that vision. There’s almost not enough space in the world for the amount of options. The most rewarding is definitely knowing that a piece of my creativity is having a positive impact on someone’s day to day.

7- When you aren't designing, what do you spend your time doing?

When I’m not designing/curating social media spreads, I love spending time at the beach (as we Floridians do), cooking at home for my family and exploring new ways to stimulate my creativity. I love trying new things that bring me out of my comfort zone to exploit my creative potentials.


Contact Info

1810 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 (By appointment only)

Email: info@jilllifsey.com
Phone: (813) 215-1313

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