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CARISSA Interior Decorator Consultant

1- How long have you been designing?

I have been in the interior design industry since 2016. My roots are in art and I grew up in the construction industry, giving me a pretty versatile skillset for world of interior design!

2- How long have you been working with Jill Lifsey Designs?

I started with Jill in June of 2021.

3- What is your favorite design trend? Least? Why?

My favorite design trend is Indoor-Outdoor Living. Grand windows that can be swept aside to make a sitting area blend into the landscape gives me goosebumps. One of my favorite examples of this design is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water. It is a timeless design trend and takes advantage of the environment to allow beauty to showcase inside and out! I do not care for the design trend to label every space because it creates a kitschy atmosphere. I believe good design gives a clear definition for the use of a space.

CARISSA Interior Decorator Consultant

4- What is a common"design rule" that you think SHOULD be broken?

The “design rule” of matching is one I think should be broken and instead embrace coordination. If you are going for a specific color, explore the monochromatic spectrum that color has to offer. It allows the eyes to travel through a space as it picks up on different tones. This can apply to color, furniture sets, materiality, lighting and so on!

5- Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration stems from art of all eras. Modern art allows me to see color compositions and creating meaning from minimalist approaches, Renaissance and Baroque art influence lighting, still life paintings and photographs influence composition and balance without the use of direct symmetry. Design is ever-changing and so is art. I think of them as symbiotic.

6- What do you find the most challenging when designing a home or space? Rewarding?

The most challenging part of contemporary/modern design is that there are always new items coming out. Some items are created to test the market and have low stock availability when they become a huge hit, so it adds some pressure for fast decision making. The most rewarding part of designing is of course the final reveal! Seeing the millions of lines I drew months ago as a fully functioning home is a priceless feeling.

7- When you aren't designing, what do you spend your time doing?

When not designing, you can find me winding down in my aspiring vegetable garden, getting in some yoga practice, playing with my doggies or traveling with my husband!


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1810 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 (By appointment only)

Email: info@jilllifsey.com
Phone: (813) 215-1313

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