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JORGE Interior Decorator Consultant

1- How long have you been designing?

By the books, I have been a designer for about a year. By my education and experiences, I have been a designer since January 2016.

2- How long have you been working with Jill Lifsey Designs?

I joined the Jill Lifsey Designs team in September of 2018 as a baby intern for the company.

3- What is your favorite design trend? Least? Why?

My favorite design trend has been(and probably will be for a long time) modern industrial design. Its concise, linear, metal character resonates with my idea of aesthetic parameters. My least favorite design trend is velvet.

JORGE Interior Decorator Consultant

4- What is a common"design rule" that you think SHOULD be broken?

A Common Design Rule I think should be broken is the creation of dull, monochromatic spaces. A space must excite the eye to not fall in the steps of Brutalism. Yes to the use of neutrals as a room base, but also yes to a pop of color.

5- Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from two main sources: 1. Human interaction with built environments, maximized to the highest potential given the project parameters. 2. Convergence of human built environments and natural aspects in the form of invigorating elements .

6- What do you find the most challenging when designing a home or space? Rewarding?

The most challenging task when designing is coming to an agreement among: my professional vision for the space, the client's personal vision to their ideal space, and the feasibility of these ideas converging in a cohesive union. Most Rewarding? It is my passion to understand how the space needs to function and achieve that potential with design and construction elements.

7- When you aren't designing, what do you spend your time doing?

When not designing, I enjoy immersing myself in natural environments to find relaxation. I also enjoy exploring the art of literature and cultural music.


Contact Info

1810 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 (By appointment only)

Phone: (813) 215-1313

Jill Lifsey Monthly Inspiration in Home Decorating


Home decorationg Monthly Inspiration By Jill Lfsey

District Designs is highlighting red accents that you can have out all year round. With the holidays around the corner, December is all about adding those celebratory pieces to your home. Accent furniture is the easiest way to keep the cheer without being anchored to the holiday! With artwork by Lillian August and accent pieces from 1st dibs, Oomph, and Jonathan Adler, District Designs celebrates the color Red.

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