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JORGE Interior Decorator Consultant

1- How long have you been designing?

By the books, I have been a designer for about a year. By my education and experiences, I have been a designer since January 2016.

2- How long have you been working with Jill Lifsey Designs?

I joined the Jill Lifsey Designs team in September of 2018 as a baby intern for the company.

3- What is your favorite design trend? Least? Why?

My favorite design trend has been(and probably will be for a long time) modern industrial design. Its concise, linear, metal character resonates with my idea of aesthetic parameters. My least favorite design trend is velvet.

JORGE Interior Decorator Consultant

4- What is a common"design rule" that you think SHOULD be broken?

A Common Design Rule I think should be broken is the creation of dull, monochromatic spaces. A space must excite the eye to not fall in the steps of Brutalism. Yes to the use of neutrals as a room base, but also yes to a pop of color.

5- Where do you find your inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from two main sources: 1. Human interaction with built environments, maximized to the highest potential given the project parameters. 2. Convergence of human built environments and natural aspects in the form of invigorating elements .

6- What do you find the most challenging when designing a home or space? Rewarding?

The most challenging task when designing is coming to an agreement among: my professional vision for the space, the client's personal vision to their ideal space, and the feasibility of these ideas converging in a cohesive union. Most Rewarding? It is my passion to understand how the space needs to function and achieve that potential with design and construction elements.

7- When you aren't designing, what do you spend your time doing?

When not designing, I enjoy immersing myself in natural environments to find relaxation. I also enjoy exploring the art of literature and cultural music.


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1810 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33606 (By appointment only)

Email: info@jilllifsey.com
Phone: (813) 215-1313

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